Triggers: Adding a Trigger

To add a trigger:
  1. Load the desired data bucket
  2. Click on the bucket's settings in the data shelf (under its name)
  3. Click on the Triggers tab
  4. Select the data stream to trigger on (you can use the drop-down list to select from existing streams once a data bucket has loaded or you can type in the stream name/key manually; *note Safari does not support HTML5 dropdown lists)
  5. Select the conditional operator (=, <, >, <=, >=)
  6. Select the Trigger value that will trigger an action (manually type in the desired value)
  7. Click the '+' button to add the Trigger condition
  8. Select the action (current actions available are notify by SMS or email)
  9. Click the '+' button to add the action
  10. Input any verification code if adding a new phone number or email to complete setup
Your trigger is now live and will fire when the condition is met. Click done to return to the main screen.

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