Uploading Files

*File uploads are only available on the Pro Tier

To upload a file,
  1. click the +File icon at the top of the bucket shelf, 
  2. select the file to upload, 
  3. select/change all appropriate settings (best guesses are made for you to minimize required input),
  4. ensure the "Upload Bucket" box is checked in the bottom left corner,
  5. click Add
The file will be parsed and uploaded to your bucket shelf. 

File Parsing Settings

Name: The name of the bucket that will be displayed in the bucket shelf
Type: The format of the file to be parsed
Field Delimiter: The character that delimits fields of a CSV file
Has Column Headers: Select if the file has a row at the top that labels each column with a name
Timestamp Field: The name of the column with the timestamp
Timestamp Pattern: The format of the timestamp (see Pattern Dictionary for options)
Time Sequence: Specifies if the timestamps are in ascending order in the file, descending order, or not in any order from top to bottom.
Map Name Columns to Value Columns: If each signal has its own dedicated column, leave this unchecked. If the signal names are interleaved throughout a single column, check this box and select which column has the signal names and which column has its corresponding values. For example, if the entire CSV file has three columns, one of the timestamp, one for the signal names, and one for the signal values, then this option should be checked. 
Upload Bucket: Select this if you want to upload this file to your account. Uncheck this option if you wish to view the file locally and have it disappear on refresh (no uploading at all, the data stays completely local).

Supported file formats

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