Waves: Re-ordering Signals

Signals can be reordered in Waves by highlighting signals and dragging them with the mouse (left-click+drag) or 1-finger touch to the desired location.  

You can highlight multiple signals to move by holding the CTRL/CMD key and clicking on each signal name. You can highlight a group of signals in-line by holding the SHIFT key and clicking on signal names. You can highlight all signals with CTRL+a or CMD+a. You can deselect all signals with CTRL+d.

You can reorder signals the the top or bottom of the list by right-clicking on the signal name and clicking on "re-order to top" or "re-order to bottom" on the pop-up menu.

The signal list can be sorted in alphabetical order with the sort A-Z menu option under the Tools top toolbar or the right-click signal name pop-up menu.

*Note: Signal order changes are not currently saved when you exit Waves. This is a known issue.

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