Waves: Zooming and Panning

You can drag zoom into a specific time period using mouse right click+drag within the waveform area of Waves.  For touchscreen devices, 2-finger pinch will zoom in and out.

The mouse wheel will zoom in and out when the the mouse cursor is over the waveform area of Waves. This gives you the ability to fine tune your zoom level either in or out.

You can use the Zoom+ / Zoom- toolbar shortcuts to zoom in and out.  The Zoom Fit button will restore the zoom level back to fully zoomed out.  The keyboard shortcuts for Zoom+ and Zoom- are 'i' and 'o' respectively.  The keyboard shortcut for Zoom Fit is the 'f' key.  

The expression to manually set the zoom level is =zoom(startTime, endTime).  

You can pan left and right through time when zoomed in by drawing the waveform with a left click+drag within the waveform area of Waves. For touchscreen devices, a 1-finger touch+drag will pan left and right. The left and right directional arrows on the keyboard also pan left and right.  

Zooming and Panning Video Demo (0:30):

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