Waves: Zooming and Panning

You can drag zoom into a specific time period using mouse right click+drag within the waveform area of Waves.  For touchscreen devices, 2-finger pinch will zoom in and out.

You can use the Zoom+ / Zoom- toolbar shortcuts to zoom in and out.  The Zoom Fit button will restore the zoom level back to fully zoomed out.  The keyboard shortcuts for Zoom+ and Zoom- are 'i' and 'o' respectively.  The keyboard shortcut for Zoom Fit is the 'f' key.  

The expression to manually set the zoom level is =zoom(startTime, endTime).  

You can pan left and right through time when zoomed in by drawing the waveform with a left click+drag within the waveform area of Waves. For touchscreen devices, a 1-finger touch+drag will pan left and right. The left and right directional arrows on the keyboard also pan left and right.  

Zooming and Panning Video Demo (0:30):

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