How to Stream Events from IFTTT

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service that lets you setup triggers between supported services using "recipes". An example would be "If it starts to rain, change my Hue light bulb color to blue."

There are quite a few IFTTT integrations that allow certain sensor readings to trigger an action in another channel. One of these channels is called "Maker". The Maker channel allows you to make or receive web requests. Since Initial State accepts web requests, you can stream events whenever a certain condition in IFTTT is met.

After selecting your "this", select the Maker channel as your "that". Select "Make a web request".

In the URL box enter:
Be sure to put your Initial State access key after “accessKey=” and change your bucket key to whatever you want.

The Method is “POST”, and Content Type is “application/json”.

The Body is where you specify what you want the signal name to look like in the Initial State dashboard and which value to stream. The format is:
Depending on the channel you have connected as your "this", you may be able to select the sensor value/reading by clicking the flask icon in the top right corner of the Body input box.

To expose the bucket associated with the bucket key you specified, you must create it. You can see how to do this from the bucket shelf here.

The created bucket must have the same bucket key that you specified in your IFTTT recipe.

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