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https://www.initialstate.com/learn - Our high-quality, step-by-step tutorial series shows you how to build practical Internet of Things applications and send data from various devices and services to your Initial State account. These tutorials are a great way to get started with integrating Initial State into your project. For example, learn how to build a smart beer/wine fridgea smart trash can, or capture events from your SmartThings network. Each project is posted in Github so you can easily clone, fork, or make contributions yourself.


The support site contains tons of information on how to get the most out of Initial State from the basics to the advanced stuff. Our ongoing "Did You Know?" series on our blog highlights features and tips for getting the most out of your Initial State account (http://blog.initialstate.com/category/did-you-know/).


https://www.initialstate.com/workswith - We keep a list of all integrations, technologies, and platforms that we work with. We try to link example projects and/or documentation on how to use of any of our listed integrations. If you would like to add an integration or example project, please contact us at contact@initialstate.com, and we will list and give you credit for your work.

New Feature Releases

We frequently release all sorts of new features and have a roadmap jam-packed with awesome goodies that we are actively working on. Stay up-to-date with our latest additions at https://www.initialstate.com/whatsnew/. Make your own feature requests to help us prioritize our roadmap at http://support.initialstate.com/forums/252778-feature-requests.

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