Tiles: Timeline Basics

The timeline is located at the top of the Tiles view. The bounds on either side are determined by the chronologically oldest and newest timestamps in the dataset.

You must select a timespan within the timeline for it to reflect in the Tiles display. Otherwise the entire dataset is shown. Selecting a timespan is done by clicking and dragging to the desired amount of time. This span of time can then be dragged to the desired date/time location on the timeline itself.  You can manually enter the timespan selection using the date/time edit fields in the top right corner.  

Minimum and maximum values reflect values within the selected time period. The value shown in "Last Value" tiles is the most recent value in the selected time span.

A selected time span will persist until you refresh the page.

Shortcut keys:

Arrow Up / Arrow Down: Click on the input data/time edit field then click the arrow up / arrow down key to increment / decrement its value.
COMMAND (Mac) / CTRL (Win)
: When dragging the highlighted range on the timeline, the selection will snap to minor gridlines when pressed otherwise the selection will snap to major gridlines on the timeline.
ALT: With a timeline range selected, click on the range holding ALT to initiate the compare mode highlight.

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