Sharing a Data Bucket

You can share a data bucket with someone else by clicking the "settings" link underneath the bucket name on the bucket shelf then clicking on the "Sharing" tab.

Private Share (Share by Email)

All account types can share Initial State event buckets with specific email addresses.

If the email address belongs to a user (the same email address they used to create their account), they will receive an email inviting them to view the shared data. If they are on Initial State at the time of sharing, they will see the bucket automatically appear in their bucket shelf in addition to receiving the email.

If the email address belongs to someone who is not a user, they will receive an email inviting them to sign up for Initial State in order to view the data. An Initial State account is currently required to view Share by Email interactive visualizations. 

Sharing a bucket allows the other user to do everything the original owner could do with the data except for share the bucket with anyone else.

If you ever want to take away someone's access to a shared bucket, click the "Share" icon and click the minus symbol to the left of their email address.

Public Share (Share by URL)

Pro tier accounts can share Initial State event buckets publicly via URL.

To copy the bucket's unique URL, the "Share by URL" box must be checked. Unchecking this box will break the link, effectively making the shared bucket private again.

The default app your public share URL will link to is Tiles. If you would like to share Waves or Lines instead, simply change where "tiles" occurs in the URL to "waves" or "lines":********************************

While signals can be moved and hidden in Waves and Lines, Tiles cannot be rearranged in the public share. They will appear in the order and size that the bucket owner left them.

Public Share (Share by Embed)

Pro tier accounts can share Initial State event buckets publicly via iframe embed.

You can embed a Tiles dashboard, Waves, or Lines into your website via an iframe HTML element. Click on the "Share by Embed" box, then copy the iframe text. Paste the iframe into your website, set the width and height of the iframe, and you will have a real-time updating Tiles dashboard with your own branding, design, toolbars, etc. wrapped around it.  

A complete, live example if a Tiles iframe embed can be found at More information about embedding a Tiles dashboard into your website via iframes can be found at

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