Visualize a File without Uploading

The "Unplugged" feature will let you use Initial State’s data visualization apps without the data you want to visualize ever leaving your computer.  Reveal your log shelf, click the +File icon, select the file you want to visualize, and uncheck the “Upload Log” checkbox at the bottom of the Log Settings window.  Click “Add Log” and use Initial State to explore your data just as you usually would.  The big difference here is that you can unplug your internet connection and still visualize and play with your data. Uploaded files have a cloud icon on the bucket shelf. Files that are "unplugged" will not have a cloud icon. *Note: File parsing/viewing is only available in the Pro Tier.

You will keep all of Initial State’s functionality while being able to access all of your data until you try to refresh the browser page.

If you want to stream anything, you’ll need to turn the internet back on.

Note: File Upload is currently only available to Pro users

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