Waves: Introduction

 is an interactive, multi-row waveform viewer. Mine data by zooming in/out, collecting targeted statistics, moving signals around, and so much more. The type of data loaded determines how Waves draws it. Numerical data is drawn as spark lines. Signals with only two values that have a true/false connotation (e.g., up/down, enter/leave) are drawn as bit signals. Signals without one value repeated over and over are drawn as flags. String data is drawn as a digital string bus.

Data Sources

Bring data in from one of the following file formats or as a data stream.

CSV File


CSV files can use any delimiter character, not just commas.
VCD File
ASC File

Video Tutorials

Using Cursors (0:30)
Data Basics (0:30)
Zooming and Panning (0:30)
Basic Statistics (0:40)
Statistics Over Time (0:35)
Using Stats to find # of Data Points (0:30)
Generating All Time Differences Between Value Changes (0:50)
Comparing Two Time Periods (1:02)

Uploading Data is Optional

Use of any data visualization without your data ever leaving your laptop

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