Introduction to Data Streaming

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Capture data from your internet of things (IoT) devices and web services by streaming it to your Initial State account. You now have a fast, easy way to capture sensor outputs, hardware connections, and software events all at once. Your streamed data is automatically transformed into a set of interactive data visualizations that run in your web browser. Setup is super simple and takes less than two minutes to go from creating your Initial State account to seeing your data stream in real-time. 

Useful Information

Organization, Easy

  • Create a new event bucket or append to an existing one.

    streamer = Streamer(bucket_name="[Place A Bucket Name Here]", bucket_key="[Optional Key]", access_key="[Place Your Access Key Here]")

    When you construct your stream, a new data set called “Bucket Name” will be created. If you specify a "bucket_key" constructor parameter, you can append to an existing bucket with the same "bucket_key". If you just want a new bucket every time, leaving out the "bucket_key" parameter will result in a unique id as the "bucket_key" instead. Every data set with the same "bucket_key" will be automatically grouped together. Easy.

Stream It, See It

  • That simple, one line of code has so much power and flexibility.

    streamer.log("[Event Stream Name]", "[Value]")

    Every stream that shares the same "event stream name" is grouped together and viewed in applications such as Waves. The type of value used will determine how your stream is visualized (capture numbers, strings, booleans, etc). See your data as lines, waveforms, bits, flags, or strings. Stream anything your code has access to (sensor outputs, hardware connections, software variables). See everything.

Fast and Secure

  • Capture data in milliseconds to see fast changing signals and events in real-time. Every data stream is secured by enterprise-grade SSL encryption from the millisecond you stream it. Your data is private by default. You decide who gets to see your data.

Example Projects, Tips and Tricks

  • Don't know what you want to do? We've made several streaming example projects with instructional write-ups to inspire. We're constantly pushing out more goodies, so be sure to check it out often.

    Ready to dig deeper? Want more? Excellent! Checkout out our "Did you know?" series to go from normal user to super user in no time!

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