How to Stream Events in Python

Install The Python Module (github repo and detailed documentation)Choose one of the following methods:

Auto-install using cURL

\curl -sSL -o - | sudo bash

Manual install using pip

pip install ISStreamer
(if this fails due to a permissions error, you may need to add "sudo" to the beginning)

Start Streaming!
Review or copy the following example (if using the cURL setup, it can make a custom script just for you):
import time
from ISStreamer.Streamer import Streamer

streamer = Streamer(bucket_name="Stream Example", bucket_key="[Place A Unique Bucket Identifier Here]", access_key="[Place Your Access Key Here]")
streamer.log("My Messages", "Stream Starting") for num in range(1, 20): time.sleep(0.1) streamer.log("My Numbers", num) if num%2 == 0: streamer.log("My Booleans", "false") else: streamer.log("My Booleans", "true") if num%3 == 0: streamer.log("My Events", "pop") if num%10 == 0: streamer.log("My Messages", "Stream Half Done") streamer.log("My Messages", "Stream Done")

For more information, see the github repo and detailed documentation at

In this example, the events will show up in Initial State under the name "Stream Example".

Demo Video (2:00):

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