Python Streamer: Appending to an Existing Bucket

You can stream data to the same bucket using the bucket_key parameter in the Streamer constructor.

streamer=Streamer(bucket_key='some_bucket_key', access_key='your_access_key')
The constructor expects a name or a key that it will use to ensure there is a bucket that it will use as the context for 
Streamer.log(signal, value). Buckets are either created or consumed based on the unique combination of an access_key and a bucket_key.

Both the 
bucket_key and bucket_name are optional. If no bucket_key is provided, the module will create a uuid4 as the bucket_key. You will also create a new bucket each time you run your script regardless of the bucket_name being the same. If no bucket_name is provided, the bucket will simply appear in the shelf with no name.

bucket_key overrides bucket_name, so if two scripts have the same bucket_key but different bucket_names, the script that was run first will determine the name of the bucket.

bucket_key allows you to send data from multiple scripts or devices to the same dataset.

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