Streaming Troubleshooting: Free Limits

Initial State currently offers a free tier to all users to enjoy a subset of features without having to pay a dime. However, in order to provide this service, there are necessary limitations. These limitations are enforced to encourage users to upgrade to paid tiers when utilizing Initial State's more powerful feature set.

If you receive any of the following messages from the streaming API, this indicates that you have exceeded the free tier limit for the month and are inhibited from streaming more. To remove this limit, simply upgrade your account. It's fast, simple and commitment free:
  • HTTP Status Code 402 (PAYMENT_REQUIRED)
  • Exception("Either account is capped or an upgrade is required.")
We enforce these limits to ensure the best experience economically possible for all of our users while still providing a tool that the community can use for exploration or small projects for free without strings attached. Please respect our service and free account limits and consider upgrading to a paid account should you ever run into any of these limitations, you'll be glad you did!

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