Streaming Troubleshooting: Using RequestBin

You can use to help you troubleshoot sending data to your Initial State account. This can help with debugging streaming or webhook configuration. 

*note: This is not a preferred method for troubleshooting streaming from the ISStreamer Python or NodeJS library but is intended to help with custom streaming connections.

Step 1: Go to and create a RequestBin:

Step 2: A Bin URL will be generated. In the example below, the bin URL is . Copy this bin URL as it will be used to troubleshoot your application.

Step 3: Replace the Initial State API endpoint with the bin URL. For example, if you are troubleshooting sending data through URL parameters, you would have a URL that looks like this:

In this example, you would replace everything to the left of the ? with the bin URL:

Run your application (or in this example, send the URL via an HTTPS POST or GET). 

Step 4: Refresh your RequestBin page. In this example, the RequestBin URL for inspecting your request is :

Here you will see all of the parameters, headers, body, and settings of your request. Note in the example above, you can see the three parameters used on the left under the QUERYSTRING section - myNumber, bucketKey, and accessKey. Use this information to troubleshoot your request. 

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