Triggers: Introduction

Triggers give you the ability to set an action that will occur on a specified condition for a data stream. For example, if the Refrigerator(temperature_F) < 42, send a text message alert. Triggers are processed server-side in real-time. Current supported actions for triggers are email and SMS alerts. Current supported conditional operators are >, >=, <, <=, =, and match. The "match" operator looks for a partial match of a string value. 

Recipient phone numbers and email addresses must be verified before alerts can be sent to those destinations. The verification process will be initiated the first time a new email address/phone number is used. 

Triggers are available in the Pro tier.
*SMS alerts are only available in the USA for individual accounts and are metered based on the destination country for enterprise accounts.

Adding a Trigger
Getting Started (Step-By-Step Test)

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