Triggers: Introduction

Triggers give you the ability to set an action that will occur on a specified condition for a data stream. For example, if the Refrigerator(temperature_F) > 42, send a text message alert. Triggers are processed server-side in real-time. Current supported actions for triggers are email and SMS alerts. Current supported conditional operators are >, >=, <, <=, =, matches value, increases by, decreases by, enters location, and exits location. 

Recipient phone numbers and email addresses must be verified before alerts can be sent to those destinations. The verification process will be initiated the first time a new email address/phone number is used.

Use Cases

Send a SMS alert if temperature gets too warm inside a refrigerator.
Send an email if a process exits.
Send a SMS alert if the number of active GPUs decreases.
Send a SMS alert when my GPS tracker enters within 1 km of a location (geofence example).

Conditional Operators

>Greater Than Number myNum > 3.14
Greater Than or Equal To myNum ≥ 9
<Less Than Number myNum < 1000
Less Than or Equal TomyNum ≤ 0.3
=Equal to Number or String myString = Hello
matchPartial Match of a String
*Advanced: Regular Expression Match
myString match error
myString match ^error(.*)GPU
entersEnters Latitude/Longitude Geofence MyLocation enters 0.5 km 
exitsExits Latitude/Longitude GeofenceMyLocation exits 2 km
of 36.154749,-86.7867043 
increases byIncreases by Number myNum increases by 1.0
decreases byDecreases by Number myNum decreases by 2

Triggers are available in the Pro tier.
SMS alerts are only available in the USA for individual accounts and are metered based on the destination country for enterprise accounts.

Adding a Trigger
Getting Started (Step-By-Step Test)

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