Waves: Search Inside a Data Stream


Search for and mark specific values or ranges inside a data stream in Waves. The search operation utilizes real-time expression comparison operators (!=, ==, <, <=, >, >=, ~). 

*Real-time expressions are available in the Personal and Pro tiers.


A single condition
=[data stream] <operator> <value>

Multiple conditions
=[data stream] <operator1> <value1> <operator2> <value2> <operator3><value3>


=[message] == "Maintenance Active"
=[voltage] > 10

In the example above, a data stream (signal) is first selected, then the real-time expression, =$~"packet", is applied to find every instance of the word "packet" inside the data stream, message. The $ identifier is a shortcut to use the selected data stream in the expression. The ~ operator performs a partial match such that any data value that contains the string, "packet", will be returned. The resulting data stream is created right above the selection. Changing the view type to "view as event pins" displays a pin for every search hit for the condition specified. In this example, there are three data values inside of the data stream, message, that contain the word, "packet", each marked with a pin.

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