Waves: Filter Out Unwanted Data


Filter out unwanted data by removing specific data points and/or ranges of data values. The filter operation utilizes the real-time expression comparison operators (!=, ==, <, <=, >, >=). Comparison operations can be chained together to apply multiple filters.

*Real-time expressions are available in the Personal and Pro tiers.


A Single Filter
=[data stream] <operator> <value>

Multiple Filters
=[data stream] <operator1> <value1> <operator2> <value2> <operator3><value3>


In the example above, the signal, pitch, has several spikes of greater than 100 that are dominating its view range. Those spikes can be filtered out to set the spark-line y-axis range to show the signal minus the large spikes by using the following expression:

=[pitch] < 100

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