SmartThings: Add Units and/or an Emoji to Displayed Data (e.g. 70°F)


Add units and/or an emoji icon to displayed data to provide context in a Tiles dashboard. This operation utilizes real-time expressions (more info). The concatenate operator, &, as well as a string denoted by " " are used to add the desired text to the displayed data.

*Real-time expressions are available in the Personal and Pro tiers.


=[signal] & "text"


In the example above, a temperature stream is providing numerical data (e.g. 73). To add units to the displayed data in tiles, apply the expression, =[signal] & "°F". The data stream above is named, Frontdoor Multi(temperature_F). The expression used is

=[Frontdoor Multi(temperature_F)] & "°F"

In order to add an emoji icon to the display:
  1. Find the desired emoji at For the thermometer emoji ->
  2. Copy the emoji to the clipboard. This will copy the unicode version of the emoji.
  3. Paste the emoji inside the double quotes " " in the expression.
*note: If spacing is desired between the data and the added text, place the space inside of the double quotes
(e.g. "  °F").

Units and emojis can be appended to a numerical data stream and still be viewed as a line graph as shown above. However, prepending text before the numerical value will prevent a line graph from drawing.

Context can be added to door sensors using this same approach (door emoji ->

Context can be added to motion sensors using this same approach (baby emoji ->

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