Real-Time Expressions: Smooth Out a Noisy Line Graph


Apply a smoothing filter on a numerical data stream viewed as a line graph.


Default smoothing (assumes a smoothFactor = 0.7)
=smooth([data stream])

Specific smoothFactor (0 to 1; 0 = no smoothing; 1 = maximum smoothing to a flat line)
=smooth([data stream], smoothFactor)


=smooth([gyro_x], 0.9)

In the example above, the original line graph (in yellow) is shown underneath the smoothed line (in pink). 

Uses with other Expressions

You can combine =smooth with other expressions. For example, an unwanted data point could be filtered out before the smoothing function is applied by nesting the filter operation inside the smooth function parameters:

=smooth(([data stream] != 1000), 0.8)

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