Tiles: Data View Type - Histogram

Tile Configuration:

The histogram tile view shows a count of unique events during specific time periods. When used in conjunction with the timeline selection, the histogram allows you to easily see event occurrences for specified windows of time (e.g. every time a door opened in the last 24 hours). Each bin in the histogram represents a time period. Histogram view options can be set in the Tile Configuration (right-click on tile -> Configure Tile).  

Count of events:
Selecting the count of events option will display a simple count of every event in a time period regardless of a signal's data type or value. 

Sum of events:
Selecting the sum of events option will display the sum of all numeric values of a signal in a time period. Non-numeric signals will show nothing with this option selected.

Size/Dimension Options:

The number of histogram bins will increase with the width of a tile. This allows you to see more granular event data. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the timeline selection


Mouse hover will popup a summary of that particular bin. The summary will contain the date range, number of events, number of unique events, and a breakdown of each event type with its count.

Color Options:

There are no color options for the histogram view at this time.

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